Writing Machines

Writing Machines book and web supplement embodies author Kate Hayles’s concept of a technotext, introducing a “new, composite reading mode.”

Part of the Mediawork Pamphlet series at MIT Press, the Writing Machines book and web supplement is a collaboration between N. Katherine Hayles and Anne Burdick (MIT Press, 2002). The design and writing work together to explore the role of media and materiality in the critique of literature.

Embodying the theory on both the macro and micro levels, the book and website create a dialogue across media. The book interweaves visual-verbal quotations from its featured projects creating what one critic called, “a new, composite reading mode.” The Web Supplement includes an experimental scholarly apparatus with features unique to the web, including printable replacement pages and text supplements that allow users to customize their own copy of the book. Winner of numerous awards including I.D. Interactive Design and AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers.