Research Outcomes

Below is a list of peer-reviewed research outcomes — creative works, exhibitions, and publications — that result from KDL projects and/or further the conceptual development Knowledge Design.


Burdick A, Sarbanes J. (2021) Trina: A Design Fiction The Digital Review, Special issue on Critical Making and Critical Design, Creative Work

Sweetapple K, Lorber-Kasunic J, Ricciardiello T, De Freitas K. (2020) Marine Microbial Journeys Video installation. 22 Jun 2020 – 01 Dec 2020

Lorber-Kasunic J, Sweetapple K, De Freitas, K. and Ricciardiello, T. (2019) Adrift-Project website, Creative Work,


Burdick A, Drucker J, Lunenfeld P, Presner T, Schnapp J, (2021) Digital_Humanities, MIT Press


Burdick A, Mandell L, Tarpley B, Tourabi K (forthcoming) Using Data and Design to Bring the New Variorum Shakespeare Online Shakespeare and Interface, Paul Budra and Cliff Werier, editors, Routledge.

Burdick A, Lorber-Kasunic J, Sweetapple K (2022) ‘Historio-graphic: Knowledge design methods for interpreting documentsLaw’s Documents: Authority, Materiality, Aesthetics, 325-344 Taylor & Francis Group, pp. 325-344 DOI: 10.4324/9781003247593-21

Dever, M., Lorber-Kasunic J, and Sweetapple K, (forthcoming 2022) ‘​​Surfacing the Page: experimental visualisation and the writing process’, in Goudarouli, Eirini & Andrew Prescott (Eds) Materialities of the Archive in a Digital Age. London: British Academy, OUP. 

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Burdick A, (2015) Meta!Meta!Meta! A Speculative Design Brief for the Digital Humanities, Visible Language, special issue on Critical Making: Design and the Digital Humanities, 12–33.


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Lorber Kasunic, J. & Sweetapple, K. (2017) Surfacing the Page: Graphic content, From Dust to Dawn. Archival Studies After the Archival Turn, Uppsala University, Sweden, 15 – 17 November 2017.

Lorber Kasunic, J. & Sweetapple, K. (2017) What a page can do, too, From Dust to Dawn. Archival Studies After the Archival Turn, Uppsala University, Sweden, 15 – 17 November

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