Anne Burdick

Dr. Anne Burdick is a founder and Director of the Knowledge Design Lab. She is Professor of Visual Communication Design at UTS and affiliated faculty at ArtCenter College of Design. From 2006-2013, she was Professor and Chair of Media Design Practices at ArtCenter where she oversaw the creation of the innovative Field+Lab curriculum, winner of the Core77 Award for Educational Initiatives in 2014. 

Anne’s practice-based research has been concerned with writing and design through collaborations with authors and texts. She is co-author and designer of Digital_Humanities (MIT Press, 2013), “a compact, game-changing report on the state of contemporary knowledge production.” Her work with Literary Scientists at the Austrian Academy of Sciences includes the experimental text-dictionary, Fackel Wörterbuch: Redensarten (2000), for which she received the prestigious Leipzig Book Fair Prize for the “Most Beautiful Book in the World.” Her past projects that span media and genres include the Writing Machines book and web supplement with N. Katherine Hayles; the Fackel Wörterbuch series and the Austrian Academy Corpus—an online database of historical texts—which work separately and together; and The New Ecology of Things (2009), a critical examination of pervasive computing distributed across print, web and mobile devices. From 1995 through 2012, she was designer and design editor of Electronic Book Review

Kate Sweetapple

Kate Sweetapple

Dr. Kate Sweetapple is a founder and Associate Director of the Knowledge Design Lab. She is Head of School, Design, School of Design at UTS where she is also a founding partner of the Data Poetics Lab. Her background is in visual communication design academic with special interest in data sense-making and information aesthetics.

Through the Data Poetics Lab, Kate’s focus is on text visualisation, using practice-led research to open up new ways of engaging with written texts from books through to immersive digital environments. This research extends to visualisation in the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) sector, where the digitisation of content is requiring a rethink of how cultural collections are explored and presented.

Jacqueline Lorber-Kasunic

Jacquie Lorber-Kasunic

Dr. Jacqueline Lorber-Kasunic is a founder and Associate Director of the Knowledge Design Lab. She is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Visual Communication in the School of Design at UTS, where she is a founding partner of the Data Poetics Lab. Her research interests include: design history and theory, material culture, visual knowledge production, text analysis, design activism, critical, speculative and experimental design practices.

Her research draws on the use of visualisation as a method of inquiry that can open up alternate ways of interpreting text-based data in the field of humanities. Through the Data Poetics Lab with Dr. Kate Sweetapple, she explores the capacity of visualisation to reveal narratives that cannot be accounted for by aggregation in texts. Instead they draw on the visual epistemology of design to develop approaches that more wholly express the qualitative nature of data. Two of their projects are: ‘Writing Rights’ and ‘Visualizing Chinese Input’ working with Humanities + Design at Stanford University.