“Trina: A Design Fiction” is on the web

The creative work and an accompanying essay were released as part of a double issue on Critical Making, Critical Design.

The Digital Review published a web version of Trina: A Design Fiction with an accompanying essay, “Researching Writing Technologies through the Speculative Prototype Design of Trina” in Electronic Book Review. Trina’s imaginary interfaces further the KDL’s research into the scholarly production of knowledge related to the interpretative practices of the Humanities. (Read more about the research here.)

Trina is a 60-frame graphic story that blends speculative software and literary figuring to consider the perils and potentials of near-future interpretative practices. For the special issue, Trina was remediated for the web using the affordances of Stepworks, an authoring platform created by Erik Loyer. In the essay, Burdick situates the speculative software prototypes of Trina as design-theory hybrids that can expand our understanding of critical making and critical design. The essay introduces the “Indexical Reader,” a design concept for close and distant reading in the Humanities.

Trina: A Design Fiction, Slide 049